Yesterday I woke up to a pleasant surprise – a bank account with some extra money. Our Stimulus check and my first ever Unemployment check both dropped on the same day. Now we have enough money to pay the mortgage, car payment and the rest of our bills with even some extra left over for gardening stuff.

I took a trip to both Home Depot and Lowes for soil, flowers, gardening tool among other things. Daya has been asking me to help her start a garden for about two years now. What better time than during a pandemic and I’m out of work? My rationale is that we’ll need the food anyway. Haha. We’re attempting to grow onions, okra, lettuce, tomatoes and peppers. If this goes well, we’ll expand. I want corn but Daya thinks it’ll be too tall. Duh, that’s the idea. I like as much privacy as we can get as our houses are pretty darn close to one another. Daya wants to grow a vegetable called moringa that she ate a lot of in the Philippines but the Asian stores sell for a premium here. She’s convinced it will grow in the PNW but from my research it only grows in tropical and subtropical climates. If it grows here I’ll be thoroughly impressed.

Izzy, the helpfullest little helper was in full garden-mode. She helped plant the seeds, cover them and finally, water them. I didn’t have enough soil on the first day so I had to go back for three more bags. Izzy was just as excited about planting on day two as she was on the first day.

First time gardeners. Hoping for onions.
Day 1: Suited and booted. Let’s go planting!

I hope we gave the tomatoes and lettuce enough room to grow. I think we did but having never done this before I’m not certain. It’s still a lot of fun though and I’m sure we’ll learn a lot along the way.

Day 2: With more soil we planted lettuce and tomatoes. Super excited to watch them grow!
Day 2: Planting and watering! That’s seriously the best smile I could get. She’s on to me.
Our full line of veggies that we hope to harvest in the next couple months.

We didn’t just plant veggies; the front of our house was in need of some beautification as well. I bought four flowers that I thought looked decent along with some mulch to spiffy it up even more. What do you think?

I really hope these don’t die in a week! Don’t they make our entryway look appealing?

We also found time to rock our shades and explore.

Planting dandelions.

But mornings are made for smiles.

Hug Life: Ink, bandana and giggles.

Daya was very happy that after about two years I finally got the garden going. She says I’m getting pretty good at making samiches too. I hope she doesn’t get too used to it because I just got a call from my boss today: I’m going back to work soon! YES!!!