Now that I’m staying home full time with Isabella, it’s put me in the position to be her full-time everything: cook, bather, tooth brusher, walker, play mate, reader, pray-er, cleaner and teacher. It gets exhausting, let me tell ya. I bought her a bunch of Dr. Seuss books and she loves when I read them but I can’t just stick to reading. I need to introduce math and spelling too in addition to continuing with her shapes, phonics and building on her numbers. This new role has made it clear to me that I need to call for reinforcement.

A friend at work who has his child in private school strongly recommended ABCmouse. They offer 30 days free for a trial of the program and for first time buyers, a promotion of $59.95 for the first year (after your 30 day trial). There are no ads, no pop ups and no external links. I’ve been letting her watch videos on YouTube Kids but she always seems to find some external sight where they ask for a birthdate to continue. It also is no substitute for learning at the level I’d like her to. I felt ABCmouse would be worth the investment so I bit the bullet and took advantage of the promo.

Welcome screen to ABCmouse

Alas, something I actually feel comfortable with giving to her without feeling like she’s wasting time on silly videos all day. The real test is if she’ll use it. Will it be able to keep her attention over watching YouTube Kid videos? The jury is still out on that one but I did download the ABCmouse app on my iPhone and let her check it out. Isabella popped in and out of different screens that offered music and practicing writing letters (that’s where I’ve been working with her lately). I’ll say it, for now, I’m impressed. I really hope ABCmouse teaches her better than just me alone.

Some things I really enjoy about ABCmouse is that she can access it from any platform. She seems to love using my phone so I tend to let her use it to watch videos before bed. Tonight I downloaded it on my phone and she played with it until she fell asleep (at 1 am). I love that it has that capability though. I have an HP Spectre 2 in 1 laptop/tablet that I use for blogging and to let Izzy have a bigger screen if she wants to watch videos. Well now she can use it for more learning. She also has her own tablet so she is fully covered when it comes to access.

As mentioned earlier, the program is child safe in that there are no advertisements, no pop up and no external links. I’ve taught her how to skip ads on YouTube but if there’s an option to not have them, I’m on it. The site also boasts of being the winner of three different awards: Mom’s Choice GOLD Award, Teacher’s Choice Award, and Parents’ Choice GOLD Award. I don’t know how big of a deal those awards are, if at all but they’re highlighting it so I bet it must mean something.

I also like that they offer a range in education from two years old with “Toddler Time” all the way to level 10 which takes you out to 2nd grade, 7+ years old. The Learning Path offers 850 lesson over 10 levels and more than 9,000 Individual Learning Activities.

I think we’re starting Izzy at just the right time. Daya and I are trying to get Izzy prepared for pre-school and I think ABCmouse will help us out a lot. Hmm, I wonder if they have an ABCmouse equivalent for potty training. 🙂

Our little smarty pants at Imagine Museum in Everett, WA