Hey everyone! I hope you all were able to have a good Easter Sunday with your loved ones. For Daya and I it was a nice day at home with the family. The Easter Bunny made a surprise visit and gave Izzy a big basket with toys and candies as well as hid some eggs in the back yard. Izzy was ecstatic to hunt for them and even more so when she got to open her basket.

Daya went live on Instagram to “finish off” my “quarantine cut”. I’ve never went live on any of her platforms before. Good lord she has a lot of followers. To date she has 45.3K followers on Instagram. That’s compared to a shared account I have with my friend for our podcast that sits at 244. I obviously married a celebrity without realizing it. I tell her that all the time. It’s kind of like Brittany Spears and K-Fed. Hmm, help me think of some other crazy famous women that married far below their fame. Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown? That would work if I had at least a little bit of clout I guess. Haha. Either way, it’s not hard for people to see why I worship the ground she walks on. I actually love the moments that we fight because 1) they are always minor and can be repaired with a talk and some “alone time” and 2) it lets me know that what we have is genuine because problems take real effort to come up with solutions for, even more when it takes a partner who needs to be on the same page.

“Quarantine cut vs Daya’s clean up.

Let’s talk about that haircut. I did it for a couple reasons. We have now completed self-filming for 90 Day Fiancé’s “Quarantined” special series. There is something that happens between Daya and I when we film. Normally our lives are pretty chill and go with the flow but when we have producers that want to set up meetings and talk about shots and yada yada yada- whatever else producers talk about, it can get nerve-wracking. So that’s kinda what happened.

Daya works at night and needs a full days rest. I have no idea when I am supposed to go back to work so until I get a call from my boss I’m collecting unemployment and taking care of Isabella and doing the household duties. While we were filming though, I had to spend HOURS trying to send our video clips to the producers in New York via a Dropbox link. We took a lot of video and it was taking a long time to upload. So, for a couple days I was falling behind on the household duties. Hurricane Izzy seems to find it hilarious to scatter toys all over the living room and hallway right after I picked them all up. When Daya got up and saw that the dishes weren’t done and the downstairs was a mess, she wasn’t having it. My excuse of uploading videos didn’t seem to fly and so we pretty much started arguing. But we don’t argue like most couples, which I think is pretty cool in a way. So if I feel like getting back at her, I just have to do a public act and BAM, let embarrassment set it. I felt the best way to antagonize my queen was to shave, only partially, my head. I was trying to make it look like I was going bald but keeping hair on the back and sides. Then I posted it on social media for everyone to see. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Once the embarrassment passed, she was back to laughing again and even took a couple pictures with me and my new ‘do.

As Easter is about to end and we go into this oblivion of not knowing which day is what and hunkering down in our homes until the coast is clear to live a normal life again (whatever that is), I have to just say how grateful I am for my wife. She, for whatever reason, refuses to give up on me. She accepts me for all of my quirks when most people would be embarrassed about them. Two examples: rapping and podcasting. Though I don’t rap anymore, I did for the show and she told me the entire time, “That isn’t a good idea, baba. They’re going to make you look bad.”, and she was right but despite that, her love never wavered. You just don’t find women like her very often. She also allows me to do a podcast with a friend where it’s taken a little bit of money to build with no sponsorships or anything like that in return. Instead of shaking her head and letting me do it all alone, she’s offered to help wherever she can, including being a guest and promoting it on her page. She’s just such a solid woman in every sense of the word.

I thought being home all day was going to drive me insane. Other than going through a minor bout of depression in the first few days, it has actually come to be a very memorable experience. Spending time with Isabella has been such a treat for me. I know Daya also loves that she gets a break while at the same time contributing in other meaningful ways. The sun has been out and the weather getting warmer so we’ve been taking lots of walks and bike rides together.

Daddy’s little Everything ❤️

Isabella loves spending every moment of every day by my side. If I need a break from her and play the Xbox, she has her remote that she pretends to play right beside me. Gosh, I just love these moments so much. I was never loved like this when I was a kid. My mom simply had me when she was too young and had her own issues she needed to address, leaving me alone and isolated for much of my childhood. Knowing the impact that had on me growing up such as being shy, insecure, intimidated easily and had very little social skills, I didn’t want my children to be exposed to such harsh realities. For Isabella, she won’t get to experience loneliness and isolation. She won’t know what it feels like to not even be loved by her own family.

Sure, daddy has a goofy sense of humor where he shaves his head and gives his daughter fake tattoos, but laughter is what makes me happy. I also love it when I see Isabella laugh along with me. I discovered way too late the power that happiness and humor has on my life. I remember as a kid laughing hysterically while watching a comedy show called In Living Color. It was probably that show alone that formed my quirky sense of humor because it was also during a time when I was being physically abused and Jim Carrey, the Wayans brothers, Jamie Foxx, David Alan Grier…and Jenifer Lopez allowed me a temporary escape from my hard as nails reality.

On this Easter I know I am blessed beyond measure. My wife and children have shown me what true love is and it feels so good to love them the same way. Knowing how fortunate I am makes me work even harder to make sure they never experience anything but the best I can offer. With all the sorrow in the world today it’s so nice to take some time to focus on the moments of beauty and just be thankful for them for a bit. Hopefully this pandemic can end soon so we can all begin to discover what our “new” normal looks like. Catch you on the next post.