Anuva Rana, the writer of the article on TheCinemaholic titled, “Are Brett and Daya From ’90 Day Fiancé’ Still Together?” just put together an excellent piece. Not only is it well written, there isn’t any sense that it alludes to anything untrue about our relationship. We’ve done a lot of work to make sure that any falsehoods about our lives don’t make it very far.

Our best technique is to love each other no matter what. On this blog I do get honest at times however there is a method to my madness. If there’s ever a post I write expressing frustrations about anything going on it is for the sole purpose to show our readers that 1) I’m a work in progress and learning everyday and 2) To show the world that we are not a “perfect” couple. We go through real struggles at times and despite all that, we remain loyal and true to one another.

We hope you enjoy the article as much as we did!