Life is all about second chances. If you’ve read previous posts on this blog or heard some episodes of The Tip Touch Podcast that I do with a friend, you know I’ve been “critical” of our experience with 90 Day Fiancé.

For the past four years the team in New York stayed in touch with us checking in with us from time to time. There were offers to appear before which were all declined. It wasn’t just the past experience that kept us from participating. I would go to work or friends would send me text messages talking about how utterly unbelievable the new couples have become. I don’t watch the show to know what couples they are referring to. If 90 Day is following a similar model as when we filmed there has to be couples that seem normal, right? I hope that’s the case but I just never hear about them if they exist. For instance, all I’m hearing about right now is some short dude with no neck with a Filipina. I’ll reserve my opinion but that’s the type of text I’ll get.

With that said, last week we were approached by the show to appear on the new ’90 Day Fiancé: Self-Quarantined’ series. It’s a five episode special series involving at least 40 former cast members. So why would we film with them again? Actually, for some reason, there weren’t the feelings of trepidation with this decision as there were in the past. Yes, they did ask me to rap again but I politely declined. 🙂 Sorry to my millions of fans. (Sarcasm for those who don’t understand my humor.) 🙄

Daya and I agreed because this series focuses on the “day in the life” of each couple who is currently being quarantined due to the covid-19 pandemic. We liked that this series would be relatable to a lot of people. This is also history in the making. Unless aliens from outer space invade our planet, this pandemic will by far be the biggest event in our lives. To date, millions of jobs have been lost, over a million people have been sickened with the disease while over 67,000 have lost their lives, many others have died or will who aren’t even sick with the coronavirus simply because their life threatening issue will be overrode by infected patients. I feel there is a historical significance of this series and even if we’re only on for 30 seconds, we will at least have made our contribution. We hope this is a good experience and want your opinions on how it went when it airs on 4/20 @9PM ET/PT on TLC.

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