I, along with most other Washingtonians have been ordered by our governor to stay home for 14 days in order to reduce the spread of Covid-19. I just got a text from someone I work with that he’s being quarantined due to possible exposure to someone who tested positive. He’s doing fine but if he does end up showing symptoms, chances are, I too will be quarantined for longer than our temporary work break.

People from out of state are checking on us from time to time. Hell, even the talent manager for Sharp Entertainment (90 Day Fiance) dropped an email. I assure you all, we are doing fine. If by chance we do get sick we will handle it as appropriate but we’ve prepared the best we can with provisions and constant washing of hands. Keeping ourselves away from the action is really the best we can do.

I do worry about some of my friends. A few weeks ago I suggested to quite a few people that they prepare to be home for at least 30 days. I know this pisses people off but I don’t see anything wrong with stocking our house with a month’s worth of food during the biggest human killer of our time. I have a daughter who is high risk due to her congenital heart condition so I’m not willing to take chances that people in better situations can take. Our house has enough food to keep us from any human contact for the next 30 days if needed. Some of my friends didn’t prepare and ended up getting stuck in huge lines, potentially exposing themselves to other unknowing carriers. Some of my friends however, I don’t think are taking things very well. I’ve decided to stop texting a couple of them because I can tell they are way too racked with anxiety. I’m not good at dealing with that so I’ve just decided to hit the pause button for a bit. That may make me sound like a bad friend but my commitments are to be strong and healthy for my family right now and lord knows we have our own sets of obstacles.

The cabin fever will be challenging. The weather forecast calls for rain, rain, rain. Oh how I want to go out for a jog. Our governor has permitted walks in our neighborhood provided we are practicing social distancing of at least 6 feet apart. At the first hint of sun I will take my chance. Izzy likes our walks too. Daya and I are on opposite schedules so we don’t get to spend as much time together as we’d like.

If things continue to get worse, there is a possibility that she could end up being the bread winner of our household, at least in the interim. This will be her time to shine.

Getting laid off is a very real possibility. We’ve already agreed that if I lose my job we can let go of the house and move elsewhere. Washington isn’t either one of our first choices to live and getting laid off may pave way for an opportunity to move elsewhere.

I tend to keep my faith to myself but at a time like this, I’m willing to admit that I’m letting God lead us through these uncertain times. As a Christian I’m not afraid of what’s to come. In my prayers I do ask that if we do get sick and one of us can’t make it, to take me. When I was sick in the Philippines last December, it was the worst I’d ever felt. There was a time when I was laying in bed and felt like I was fading. I didn’t feel scared though. In fact, thinking to myself, I said, ‘I hope this is how comfortable death is’, because it felt so comfortable and peaceful. I made it though and continued on with our vacation. It wasn’t until I saw so many people getting sick in Snohomish and King Counties that I remembered how sick I was. At any rate, I can only control what I can control and the rest is fate.

Keeping my oldest daughter calm through this is another priority. She’s in Montana and of all the people there I tried to warn about how serious this coronavirus is, none listened. It was so surreal to see how serious something was with my own eyes and watch everyone be so dismissive of the warnings. Each day my daughter and I send texts back and forth and I give her lite reports of what’s going on over here. Luckily, she’s taking my warnings seriously by practicing social distancing, eating healthy, staying active and taking vitamins. I’ve also asked her to keep a journal and informed her that we’re living during a major event that will be talked about when her future children go to school. I too am thinking about making my own videos for my future grandchildren just so they can see exactly what this time in history was like from their family that lived through it. We all know how interesting times were during the Great Depression or WWII or other key events in life.

I think in large part why we’re in so much trouble as a country (and dare I say, world) is the media’s past behavior. Our media is the Boy who cried wolf and so many of us have been desensitized to sensational headlines. Now we’re all screwed in one way or another. The ones who will end up paying for the $2 trillion stimulus package are the same ones who didn’t heed to the warnings about the seriousness of the situation and flocked to the beach. Again, is it their fault for not believing in the sensational headlines doled out by the media? I blame both.

What is the true seriousness we are facing? Not only are we reeling from the deadly impact of, not just people sick from the coronavirus but countless others who were scheduled for cancer treatment or other life saving doctor visits, but it has wreaked havoc on our stock market as well. While that is going on, the US is simultaneously caught up in an oil war between Russia and Saudi Arabia that could cause nearly half of US shale workers their jobs. America’s economy is under attack and with a national debt sitting at a cool $23.5 trillion (add $2T more with the latest stimulus package), our lives will soon look vastly different than it did three months ago when it was nothing but blue skies. At what point does the economy finally collapse under the weight of unemployment checks, joblessness, bankruptcies and medical expenses? What’s next, an armed conflict or war with China or Russia? Good grief.

As bleak as things are and are going to continue to be for the foreseeable future, I am an eternal optimist. One thing I hope to see is less wage disparity in the world. There’s just no reason why someone needs to have as much money as Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg while at the same time, have the vast amounts of poverty that range from our inner cities, rural communities and even Native American reservations. The bible says there will always be poor people in the land. But it also commands us to be openhanded toward our brothers and sisters who are needy in our country. (Read: Russell Wilson and Ciara are supporting Seattle with 1 million meals) A collapse of the world economy could allow a restructuring of the global system that makes sense for all of us from the Amazon to Sweden, from Vietnam to Mexico. Every time the world has been faced with dire situations such as war, famine, disease, and natural disasters, we came out strong. Not always as balanced as I’d wish but at least in an improved position from prior. Am I too optimistic? Perhaps I am but if I was able to endure and conquer my own personal hell of poverty and abuse, I feel like Whatever was protecting me from further harm can be in all of us during this trying time.

I wish there was more we could do to help but outside of helping our neighbors we don’t have much more to offer. Each night before we sleep, we say a prayer for the world, especially for those in Italy who are currently getting hit the hardest. Experts say it will get worse before it gets better so I think it’s safe to say we’re in for a rough ride ahead. Be safe, practice social distancing, heed to the warnings of the CDC, and reach out to those in need who you can help. Sooner or later we will conquer this beast.