And travelled through three different countries while infected? Maybe, but I’ll never know.

Back in December there was a nasty sickness going around where I live in Snohomish County, WA. One after one we were all getting infected. I’m a germaphobe so when I know people are sick I do my best to keep my distance. It didn’t work this season.

The week my friend and I were leaving the country for the Philippines, we interacted with at least two people that I know of who had similar symptoms that we ended up having – flu like symptoms. In fact, that’s what we were calling it. Sickness didn’t set in until we were in the Philippines and then traveling through South Korea.

One day while we were in the Philippines I just couldn’t get up out of bed. I was shivering but it was hot. My temperature was 101° F. We had plans to go to Bohol and if we missed the ferry we’d have to cancel our trip so I mustered the strength to get up and make it to the ferry on time. I even told one of my friends that at that point it felt like I was going to die but that it didn’t scare me. Crazy, right? Seriously though, this was the sickest I remember being since I got a really bad flu when I was in my early 20s and this was probably worse. I didn’t visit the doctor on either occasion.

December 26th, 2019 The day before I woke up sick.

As sick as I felt, the next day I seemed to rebound so I kinda stopped worrying. We continued to enjoy our vacation visiting the Chocolate Hills, ATV rides, beaches and snorkeling.

Flu or coronavirus can’t hold me down

During this trip, my friend started getting this nasty cough. She couldn’t stop. Looking at her, she was just miserable. We were too close to each other for it not to spread. We rode in vans and sat near each other on ferries and planes.

Then I got it. By that time we were just heading out of the Philippines and into South Korea for an 11 hour layover. My friend couldn’t stop coughing and had no energy whatsoever. I was desperately looking for face masks to protect myself thinking the cough I had could be contained if I could keep enough distance.

We were dead tired from traveling and sickness. It just so happened that at the airport they offer hotel rooms for long layovers such as this. I rented two rooms, one for my friend and one for my family and I.

January 3rd, 2020 I needed sleep so badly. So thankful for that hotel room.

On January 3rd we were back in the US. My friend was getting over her sickness while mine was hanging on. I didn’t have any personal time left after using it for vacation so I went back to work on January 6th. Keep in mind, this was before we were even talking about the Wuhan coronavirus being in the US. At this point it was just in Wuhan, China for all we knew.

I wore a face mask to work because no matter how I tried to stop coughing, I couldn’t and I sure as hell didn’t want anyone else to get what I had. I found out later that I infected at least two other people.

January 6th, 2020 Couldn’t stop coughing

I’m the president of our HOA and was talking to one of the other board members who also reported that her husband was just as sick as I was during the same time frame and believes he too may have had the coronavirus

Up until recently I kind of dismissed the idea that all of us could have really had it. We were all sick weeks before the first “official” reported patient (which was also from Everett, WA). As more and more talk of this new disease began to spread, I remained quiet about my own suspicions of having it, not because I wanted to hide it but because I was already feeling well while also having my own doubts that I could’ve been sick with the actual covid-19 virus we kept hearing all over the news weeks before it was first reported.

Then one of my coworkers showed me an article from KOMO News (follow link for story) in Seattle that researchers have shown that covid-19 has been in our area since at least December. That means none of us would have known. Did others die around that time but get mistaken for the flu? We may never know and it looks like there are enough privacy laws in place to prevent researchers from legally finding out.

What if we did have the coronavirus? I talked to those who I got sick and asked if they felt like this was a sickness that should have the magnitude to cripple the global economy. All of us agree that what the world governments are doing is way too excessive. We need to protect those most at risk of getting infected, I get that, but is closing our schools and eliminating thousands of jobs really the best idea? The pandemonium at the grocery stores is maddening.

Even though I can’t confirm I had the coronavirus, others can and Elizabeth Schneider, a confirmed coronavirus case, says: “Don’t panic”. I think we should all take a step back and realize how crazy our society is acting right now over something that for the most part is only harmful to elderly people.

Since I believe I’ve already had it, my panic level is wayyy down. That doesn’t mean our Governor Jay Inslee’s is. Dude is about to take us to a level five on the “Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions Matrix”. See below:

Washington State Department of Health (DOH) Nonpharmaceutical Intervention (NPI) Implementation Guide

I guess since there’s no way to stop the avalanche of fear by our society, the next best thing to do is take advantage of it. If our governor is going to bring the National Guard in and block off King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties from the rest of the state and prevent us from leaving our homes, I’ve already prepared. My wife and I have been saving our money in case of a financial hardship and we have plenty of food to keep us full for a month. I’m way behind on some home projects so come on, Inslee, I’m waiting on ya, man.

We are learning more and more about this new disease everyday. I’ve never seen anything like the way the world is treating a disease with a 3% mortality rate on the elderly. I have no idea how long this will last but one things for sure – we’re in for a bumpy ride. I’ll continue taking Elizabeth Schneider’s advice and not panic. Y’all be safe and take care.