One thing I used to do when I lived in Montana is go on long drives. There’s something therapeutic about getting out on the open road and taking in all the beauty the earth has to offer.

Today I asked my wife if she was interested in taking a quick drive up to Darrington, WA since we’d never been in that direction. She was game so we loaded up the kiddo and off we went.

Clouds colliding with mountains. Sun trying so hard to shine through.
Small town with a big mountain.
Simply marvelous

Darrington is such a fun little town. Imagine waking up every morning to these beautiful snow capped mountains.

Izzy gets the “Best Smile” award 🥇

We couldn’t go much further beyond Darrington because the road was closed to through traffic so we turned around. On our way back we stopped at a river for more photos.

Peaceful winter scenery with snow line in the mountains.
Someone got cold feet.
Izzy’s outfit was my choice. Saw it at Target and had to have it.

Not bad for a spur of the moment plan. We plan on spending a lot more time exploring neat little towns around our state this summer. It was so nice to get out and change our scenery. My road companions were the best and I can’t wait to add one more to the mix this summer (Cassidy).

My Asian mini me