I’d be lying if I said our family didn’t have concerns regarding the COVID-19 outbreak currently wreaking havoc on our ill-equipped nation and more specifically, our local cities and counties in Washington state. Watching politicians fighting with each other over everything now including how to handle the outbreak, has left an unsettling feeling in my stomach and has potentially put thousands of lives at risk. Rather than let our frustrations get the best of us, we’ve decided to take preparation into our own hands – and this goes beyond hand sanitizer and face masks.

The Bummer

Talking to my eldest daughter’s mother, we’ve decided that since I live in the epicenter of where most of the coronavirus related deaths have taken place, it’s best not to take the risk of exposing our daughter to it. There are currently no known cases of the disease in Montana and rest assured, we will do our part to keep it that way. Out of an abundance of caution, we’ve decided to cancel our spring break visit. My heart is so heavy right now but I know we’ve made the right call.

The Good – Never let a serious crisis go to waste

Former Chicago Mayor and Chief of Staff for President Obama, Rahm Emmanuel once said during the 2008 financial crises, “You never want to let a serious crisis go to waste.” My people, there are some serious deals to be had right now. The Fed just reduced the federal interest rate to encourage spending. If you have a home, this might be the perfect time to take advantage of near historic lows by refinancing your home with a killer interest rate.

Traveling soon? Guess what, airline ticket prices have me feeling the fuzzies right now. I fly Alaska Airlines often and just got an email a couple days ago informing me of $20 ticket prices and if you didn’t think it could get better, they are even introducing a new Peace of Mind policy. Check out the screenshot below:

Are you an investor? [I’m not giving any formal recommendations or advice regarding stocks.] But let’s talk about that too. The market is DOWN. What does that mean to the average investor? For me, it means it can be a darn good time to go shopping for a good deal on stocks.

A snapshot of Apple Inc. stock, 3/6/20. Nasdaq: AAPL

One stock I have in a portfolio of mine is Apple. Notice how low it has gone down since “corona-geddon” hit the US in late January. It’s done me very well and despite CEO, Tim Cook saying Apple is projected to miss their 1st quarter earnings – due to – can you guess? – Coronavirus! Like the Spanish flu of 1918, this won’t last forever and strong companies like Apple, Google and Amazon (who all say their slump is because of the disease) will continue to thrive once we get over this hurdle. My opinion is there is a great window of opportunity right before our eyes.

Although we are currently being impacted by COVID-19 and completely appalled at our government’s response, our family is not letting this crisis go to waste. We’ve gotten super aggressive with our finances and are looking only at the future. We can only control what is in front of us and can’t let the news bring us down. We’ll get through this, folks! In the meantime, perhaps look at taking Rahm Emanuel’s words to heart. 🙂