No scripts, no creative editing, no producers or big name network there to tell us what to say/what not to say. My friend, Eduardo and I have teamed up to create The Tip Touch Podcast, a place where we can sit down and pretty much talk about anything that piques our interest. Eduardo wanted the podcast to start out the right way by sitting down with Daya and I and talk about our experience on TLC’s crazy reality show, 90 Day Fiancé. For years we’ve kept quiet and stayed out of the spotlight but with this new podcast we decided it was time to finally spill the tea – that’s the term these millennials use, right? Yeah, we poured ALL the Lipton.

It’s an episode that’s sure to rub some the wrong way but it’s an honest peek into our relationship with a never before heard explanation about our experiences on tv and how we came to fall in love in the first place. Like us, love us, hate us or feel indifferent; this is who we are and this is the REAL Brett and Daya Tell All.

Presenting: The Tip Touch Podcast

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