Today the Otto fam laced up our hiking boots, filled up our water bottles, threw on our backpacks to hit the trail. This is the same hike Izzy and I hiked last January and Cassidy and I hiked last summer. It was a spur of the moment decision so familiarity and close proximity to home made it an easy option. With the nice summer weather we’ve been having here in Washington, we were happy to take advantage of it.

Me, Izzy and Daya ready for our short 7 mile excursion. Momma’s rocking her new specs.

Lou, Daya and I stopping on a bridge that overlooks the river. It was such a gorgeous day out.

Obstacles may fall into our path but they never stop us from continuing our journey. Daya standing in front of a tree that’s seen better days.

The girls taking a snack break. Don’t ask me why Daya is drinking Coke on this hike. LOL. This was Daya’s first hike in America since she arrived more than five years ago but she said she was quite the hiker in the Philippines.

An hour and a half in we were already at the turning point. The girls felt like it was a good time to eat again and of course momma wants another Coke.

Investing in my future. I’m grooming Isabella to love the outdoors as much as I do. This shot captures a number of learning experiences. 1.) The only way she’s going to fall in love with the trail is if her feet are hitting the ground. The backpack is just to help her for when she’s wore out. 2.) There were plenty of thorny blackberry bushes and stinging nettles on the trail. She kept touching all the plants and I kept telling her not to. I finally told her that if she didn’t want to listen to me, Mother Nature will take over and she did. Along the trail she was scraped by a blackberry bush. Now she knows better. 3.) We’re making memories that will last forever. There’s something honest about the outdoors. No sugar coating, no excuses, just nature without guardrails or warning labels. My conversations and thoughts are always better on the trail.

Here I am GoProing our experience. My schedule is too hectic to take the time to edit the video so don’t expect anything for a while. I wanted to capture some of the obstacles we faced. This is a spot where we had to be cognizant of Izzy’s position in relativity to the low trees. Don’t want to conk a coconut do we?

There’s the gang with momma taking the photo. The kids loved it as well as the dog.

By the end of it though, Izzy had finally had enough. She did so good though. I’m looking forward to many more hikes in the future with my little girls and momma too if she’s interested. All in all it was a fun little getaway from the house. We love making memories.