The Otto Fam decided to take a mini vaca to my old stomping grounds of Kalispell, Montana over the 4th of July. On the way we stopped by the always stunning Kootenai Falls and suspension bridge.

Click on link or above picture for a short clip.

We started our trip at 4 am in Washington and finally arrived to the Montana border just before 1 pm.

Crossing the Idaho state line and venturing into Montana. So long, Idaho.

The start of our mini hike. My plantar fasciitis flared up a little but I wasn’t missing this view for the world. #dedication

The path leading you to three flights of stairs.

Finally on the trail.

My goodness, the scenery is so gorgeous. Daya fits in perfectly.

More scenery. More beauty.

My little Izzy bug and me with an overexposed background.

The view right before you cross the suspension bridge.

I just can’t get enough of it.

Even the conductor gets a gorgeous view daily.

I look at the side of this mountain and can’t help but think Mother Nature was throwing quite a tantrum the day this piece of earth rose from the ground.

Daya along side the Kootenai River.

My ladies with the suspension bridge behind them. They are currently putting a new bridge in.

The suspension bridge. Only five people are allowed to cross at a time.

Kootenai Falls. Not as big as other falls but still a very powerful force of nature.

Another shot of the wild waters.

Glad we got to visit but now it’s time to eat and make that two hour trek to Kalispell. I’ve been up since 3 am and won’t go to sleep until after the fireworks show at about 12:30. Dead tired but totally worth it.