One of my favorite things to do is get out and be active with my kiddos. In many ways I feel like I’m grooming them to be my hiking/biking buddies as we grow older. Unfortunately, this year I’ve been plagued with a bad case of plantar fasciitis along with other foot injuries that have kept me from hiking as much as I’d like but biking seems to be fine.

On this adventure we took a leisurely ride on the Centennial Trail out to the Nakashima Barn in Arlington, Washington. The weather was partly cloudy so it wasn’t too hot and the breeze felt good as we rode through the wind.

We rode over Pilchuck Creek. It looks pretty dry this time of year but still lots of greenery in the Evergreen State.

Cassidy was in cross country this year but even with a foot injury I was still able to stay ahead pretty easily. Of course, I wouldn’t let her get too far behind. 😉

After a 45 minute ride and upon reaching our destination it was time to turn back. These little one-on-one trips allow for good father/daughter dialogue to take place. As Isabella gets older I look forward to doing the same with her.

The historical Nakashima Barn makes for a unique landmark for the ride along the Centennial Trail. I’m sure this will become a regular ride for the family in the years to come and for good reason. It’s relatively quiet, located near our home, there’s always lots to see and the air is always fresh when riding through all the grasses, flowers and trees along the way. Can’t wait for our next trip.