This past weekend we spent the day in Seattle to visit the Pacific Science Center. You can imagine how enthusiastic the kids were about that having just been let out of school a few weeks ago. By the end of the day though, adults and children alike were glad we came.

Obligatory group selfie with Space Needle in the background.
Izzy and I inside the water wall in Westlake.
Downtown art
Playground in Westlake.
Izzy and I peeping the Monorail.
Front seat view of Seattle from the monorail.
Izzy checking out the art near the Pacific Science Center.
Taking a closer look.
Daya posing in front of the Pacific Science Center.
Planet display.
Science lovers.
Lunch. Had to try the Montucky lager from Bozeman, MT.
Not quite sure how to take this clown yet. Make me a balloon first then we’ll see.
Playground break.
Bubble wall.
The ever inquisitive Isabella.
Virtual Reality course.
Someday when we’re extinct they will display humans like we do dinosaurs. I’m sure of it.
IMAX 3D movie: Superpower Dogs.
Henry from the movie made a visit after the show!