It’s cold and flu season and our poor little Izzy bug caught her first big cold. I have this paralyzing fear that if we don’t take her to the clinic right away she’ll end up getting an ear infection that, if bad enough, could cause permanent hearing loss like what happened to me when I was a kid. I ended up losing 60% of my hearing because we waited too long to go to the doctor. So when her cough didn’t subside right away, momma and I decided it was time to take our little bug to the clinic.

I should mention, Izzy didn’t look that bad. To the doctor, we probably looked like overprotective parents that brought their kid in because of a sniffle. Sorry, but with the potential for permanent hearing loss, I think my overprotectiveness is warranted. As suspected,once the doctor peered into Izzy’s ears with her otoscope, my concerns were validated upon discovery of an ear infection in her right ear.

We were prescribed amoxicillin to kill off the bacteria and started taking it that day. Our timing couldn’t have been better because the next day was the full onslaught of the sickness. Her coughing turned into a runny nose and loss of appetite. Her energy was low but still mustered the strength to play with her toys. Though she wanted to play, she was also very irritable and cranky. Totally understandable, right? Who wants to deal with a crummy and painful ear infection, runny nose, and cough that tuckers you out when there’s games to be played? As if that’s not miserable enough for our little munchkin, she also has new teeth coming in and the pain that accompanies that.

For the next week and a half we’ll be taking meds and keeping a low profile. This was a good reminder for us that at Izzy’s age (21 months), she can’t tell us exactly what’s wrong. The way she communicates pain is through crying and if you’ve ever had a toddler in the house, you know they cry a lot. Our general rule of thumb is that if she’s sick at all and being irritable, cranky or crying more than usual, we want a doctor to take a look. Who knows, we may have saved her hearing.