At a year and a half of age, Isabella is getting really good at communicating what she wants when she wants. Momma was doing laundry while it was sunny out and it was driving Izzy bonkers. Looking out the window she made audible sounds of excitement that in baby talk could be translated to, “Take me outside already!”. That sound can only be compared to when your dog knows they are about to go on a run and become overwhelmed with anticipation. Then, right as you’re about to head out the door you remember that you need to grab something else and they can’t hold it in any longer and make that howling noise that, in dog talk equates to “Are you freaking kidding me?” Yeah, that pretty much sums up how Izzy was feeling. I had to put a shift in at work but felt the same desire to be out in the sun so we made plans to head out to one of our favorite locales once I got home: Kayak Point County Park.

When we arrived, we paid the $10 entrance fee and parked next to the playground. There’s a wide open grassy area with ample space for kite flying, catching insects or letting your four legged friends run around. The park is located along the bay where on a mildly windy day the fresh scent of the salt water draws you to the beachside where young kiddos can be found skipping rocks on the top of the water. The parents are close by conversing next to one of the multiple fire pits located sporadically along the waterline. On the dock you’ll find fishers of all ages dangling their rods over the side hoping for a catch. Kayakers comb the shoreline in lackadaisical fashion. It’s an altogether wonderful place for quality family time.

Once out of her car seat Izzy made a beeline for the kids slide. Peeling away from momma she couldn’t resist the allure the swings and other playground toys had to offer.

After a gazillion (I’m pretty sure that’s an accurate count) times on the slide she finally had enough and lead us to the water.

One thing Izzy loves more than toys and playground equipment is puddles. On rainy days she can’t wait for it to stop because she knows I’ll take her outside so we can go puddle hunting and she can stomp on the water in her rain boots. At Kayak Point I wondered if she saw the entire bay as one big puddle to stomp on because that’s exactly what she was trying to do.

Alas, the sun began to set and we knew our time at Kayak Point was about to conclude for the time being and took one last tour through the playground. After more slides, swings and giggles we made our way back to our car and then back home. I love these family moments so much.