This will be a little different from my other posts but for good reason. You see, I happen to share a couple connections with the young lady you need to check out on Lifetime’s American Beauty Star . One, we’re a couple of Washingtonians who got bit by the “reality tv bug”. With Kendra, she will be competing on the second season of the show with thirteen other contestants in various beauty challenges to determine the best hair and makeup artists.

In her bio on the American Beauty Star website, it says:

Kendra is a spunky hair and makeup artist from Seattle, Washington. She’s the first to crack a joke, but isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. Kendra began her career working for MAC, and she now owns her own hair and makeup business where she employs 5 people. She’s competitive by nature and dreams of conquering the makeup world and developing her own line. Kendra has a big personality and great sense of humor, but she’s cutthroat when it comes to the competition, and wants to prove to the world that she is the next American Beauty Star.

The fantastically talented artist was also featured in a segment on one of our local news stations. See interview HERE.

I love it when local people get national attention. It’s unbelievable how much talent we have nestled in this small little area that we call the Pacific Northwest and Kendra continues to keep the tradition alive by contributing to the empowerment of women during a time that it’s so greatly desired.

The first episode has already aired (Kendra was great!) and if you want to catch it you can via Google Play, iTunes, Roku and Amazon FireTV. For cable subscribers I was able to catch it on-demand so be sure to do that if that option is available. Daya and I are already big fans and rooting for Kendra all the way!!! Tune-in to Lifetime Wednesday’s 10/9c (7 for my PT readers) to see it all go down.

You can also connect with Kendra on social media: Instragram, facebook.

The other common connection we share is her father. For the past five years he has taken me under his wing and been a phenomenal mentor. One thing that stood out more than anything else about Mr. Springer was his honest, compassionate, and ever so patient character. Though I’ve always seen myself as an honest person, I couldn’t say the same for the two latter traits. Over the years there were many lessons taught which became known to me as “Springerisms” and one of them was this – “You gotta take the crookeds with the straights.”, which essentially meant that when working with a team, not everyone is going to be a superstar but they are still a picket in your fence. You need every picket for that fence to be complete so it’s up to you as a leader to invest the time, patience and training required to, at a minimum, make that fence functional. I have many more “Springerisms” I’d love to share but for all intents and purposes I just wanted to shed some light on the uncanny, yet humorous way he mentored.

Mr. Springer wasn’t just a stand-up boss, he’s also everything I strive to be as a father to my lovely daughters. We’ve shared so many stories and the ones I loved the most were the ones where he talked about his wife and him raising Kendra and how proud they both are of her. The love I possess for my daughters goes beyond the brim of my heart so when I meet other stand up fathers like Mr. Springer who live the same way they are instantly held near and dear to me. With a proven successful track record on raising such a gem of a person, I’d be a fool NOT to ask for advice.

I look forward to watching Kendra this season of American Beauty Star. Coming from a reality TV background myself I’m sure I’ll be bombarding my old boss, mentor and friend with text messages about the editing of the show and be quick to recognize if Kendra is being misrepresented in anyway but all in stride of course. We’re all really excited for her and will show our support each week by tuning in every Wednesday on Lifetime at 10/9c.