Here we are, craziness and all. We had the pleasure of spending Christmas together as a complete family this year. In all of the holiday shopping frenzy we totally forgot to take our obligatory photo with Santa! Not all was lost however as we found ample opportunity for much needed quality time.

One festival we got to attend was the Lights of Christmas located in Camano Island, WA where they boast of having one million lights spread throughout the event. All four of us bundled up and set out for a magnificent adventure. The spectacular array of brightly illuminated displays caught our eyes (and our camera lens) capturing the spirit of Christmas one bulb at a time.

A “train” ride (a tractor dressed up as one) took us on a tour around the place and when we saw a sign that read “fried Oreos” our curiosity got the best of us. We simply had to investigate. Oh they were delicious, there’s no doubt about that but it was Isabella who thoroughly enjoyed them the most. She ate every bit that was offered and would’ve devoured more if available.

At “Elfland Toy Shop” Cassidy had the choice to make her own necklace or ornament. She opted for the former with a heart design. Helpers were there to help operate the equipment that spun the wooden decoration as Cassidy splattered paint on it to make it look like an artistic masterpiece.

We felt it was time to challenge ourselves by taking on the Light Maze, a maze lit up beautifully with white LED bulbs that you have to walk through. Okay, so if I’m being honest, it took less than a minute to get through it but it was still fun to look at nonetheless.

In another part there was a funny “talking tree” that told jokes and never fell short on puns. For instance, he told us he was single and now on a tree dating site called “Timber”. When he asked how we were, Daya replied, “Tree-mendous”. Our snarky little lone pine then said, “Oh, tree-mendous? Are you you gonna try to stump me with one of your jokes?” Ah, dad-joke level excitement. I do indeed live for times like these.

Looking at the happiness in each of my girls’ eyes it brought so much joy to my heart having these moments to share. Life goes by so quickly and it’s easy to forget the importance of sharing as many highlights as you can before it’s a wrap. Below are some of the pictures we took while there. Hope you enjoy them as much as us! HAPPY 2019!!!