On the podcast, first I wanted to send a BIG thanks out to all the people who have been praying, sending positive thoughts, sharing their own stories of personal struggles and how they overcame them. Since Isabella’s birth she has had numerous doctor appointments pertaining to her aortic stenosis. At the time of recording this podcast we gave some updates but things have changed since then. I will try to do a better job with our Izzy updates. (Life has been busy, y’all!)

Had a heck of a time with my boy, Scott Hoard. He’s a big fan of 90 Day Fiancé so I told him some ‘behind the scenes’ stories I haven’t shared with anyone else. One of the great things about not being tied to a contract is we can begin to be a little more open about certain particulars that normally you are obligated to keep quiet. I “tell all” about the Happily Ever After (Season 1) Tell All. It was all in good nature of course however I did address some real drama surrounding it.

After Daya told Scott about a Philippine fave called balut (fertilized duck egg) I’ve decided two things: 1) I’ll try it if he does and 2) I want to find him the perfect girl from the Philippines. Ha! Are we talking to a future 90 Day Fiancé? Only time will tell.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the podcast. As always, I invite you to like us on the K1 Experience Podcast Facebook page as well as subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. Your feedback helps guide the show. Is there anything you’d like me to focus on in future episodes? I’d like to know. You can send me a message on the K1E Facebook page. Enjoy!

You can connect with Scott on Instagram: @realwhite2chainz