Today Cassidy will fly in from Montana. We are so excited to have her over for spring break. There are no extravagant plans although I’m sure we’ll find ourselves in some sort of mischief as we usually do. Last time Cassidy was here it was for Christmas break and we ended up playing ‘Pie Face’ resulting in everything from whip cream, ketchup, and even ranch dressing getting tossed into our faces with the plastic game hand. Cassidy also learned how to play Monopoly where I made sure she lost a few rounds but won a few as well.

She is very excited about becoming a big sister. We FaceTime often and that is one of her favorite topics to talk about. She’ll be nine years old in May so she’ll actually be able to help Daya quite a bit through the summer. We asked her what she thought about having all these new responsibilities soon and with an ear-to-ear grin she says she’s ready.

One thing I’ve done with Cassidy since she was still an infant is we go on ‘Daddy/Daughter dates’. That is our time together with just the two of us. My time is completely devoted to her and no one is allowed to have electronic devices other than to take selfies to capture the memory. Cassidy is always the one to pick what we do and where we go. Past dates have included pizza and games at Chuck E. Cheese, watching movies at the theater with lots of popcorn and soda, jumping around at the bounce house (One time my shorts ripped completely in half and we had to leave abruptly. She laughed the whole time.), feeding the ducks and so many other fun activities. We also go on family dates where all three of us get to participate in the shenanigans listed above.

Below: Past Daddy/Daughter Dates and family dates.

I love my perfect little family and we are all looking forward to our week together for spring break.

Because I black out my schedule when Cassidy’s here for short visits, there will be no podcast until April 7th. I am going to try to sneak one in sooner but not until Cassidy leaves.

Happy Spring Break, everyone!!!